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The Hogue Surgical Story

Hogue Surgical, LLC was founded in 2007. Its Founder & CEO, Roger Hogue, MD, is an experienced laser surgeon, inventor, and pioneer in the laser surgery industry.

Hogue Surgical is a privately-held, FDA-regulated, medical device company located in Maple Grove, Minnesota. Hogue Surgical manufactures forward-firing high-power reusable surgical laser fibers for open platform Holmium, Nd:YAG, Diode, and KTP laser systems.

Hogue Surgical’s current product offerings include five EndlessFiber® models to choose from. Hogue Surgical offers the HSEF-SMA-HEXTOOL, an accessory to the EndlessFiber® device, as well as recommended commercially-available supplies used for general fiberoptics. These general fiberoptics supplies are being made conveniently available for purchase from Hogue Surgical to complement the superior performance and endless reusability of the EndlessFiber® devices. Each manufactured EndlessFiber® device goes through extensive material and optical inspections during its fabrication process.

Laser surgeons are sure to embrace the EndlessFiber® device with its green technology and endless reusability, voting with their wallets in support of a superior reusable forward-firing laser fiber with true craftsmanship and an unrivaled cost per use.

After creating the EndlessFiber® device, Dr. Hogue devised a validated cleaning system, and has recommended a commercially-available fiber endface inspection system, as well as a host of commercially-available supplies used for general fiberoptics to support the endless reusability of the EndlessFiber® device.

Roger S. Hogue, MD, Founder of Hogue Surgical, LLC

With over a decade of experience as a laser surgeon, Dr. Hogue has performed thousands of laser surgical procedures at Hogue Clinics, including laser lipolysis and endovenous laser ablation.

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