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Our Difference

What Sets Hogue Surgical Apart?

Hogue Surgical, LLC is the manufacturer and distributor of the EndlessFiber® device and accompanying recommended supplies. Hogue Surgical products are physician designed and physician developed with the laser surgeon in mind. The EndlessFiber® device is a revolutionary reusable surgical laser fiber with green technology, endless reusability, and an unrivaled cost per use.

EndlessFiber® Features

Unlike most reusable surgical laser fibers in the industry, the EndlessFiber® is constructed from superior long-lasting components designed to be endlessly reusable. While the patented SMA 905 connector of the EndlessFiber® has the same basic features as an industry standard SMA 905 connector, it has innovative features to overcome current shortcomings in the industry.

Rather than the SMA 905 connector being permanently fixed to the optical fiber by epoxy or crimping, it is reversibly secured to the optical fiber with a patented adjustable fiber optic connector. This allows for disassembly of the EndlessFiber® into its individual components (by the manufacturer only) to permit servicing and repair of the device.

This provision for servicing and repair of an EndlessFiber® is unique in the industry and poised to be a game changer for the reusable surgical laser fiber market.

Laser surgeons across the U.S. prefer the EndlessFiber® for its craftsmanship, revolutionary patented features, endless reusability, and innovative recommended supplies. Consider the EndlessFiber® if you’re currently using single-use or 5x-reusable surgical laser fibers and you want the most value for your money.

Innovative features to overcome current shortcomings in the industry.

Cleared for Clinical Use

The EndlessFiber® is delivered non-sterile and is intended for clinical use after steam sterilization. The EndlessFiber® is intended for clinical use in laser surgery procedures for cutting, coagulating, or vaporizing in any soft-tissue application where compatible Holmium, Nd:YAG, Diode, and KTP laser systems are cleared for clinical use. Please refer to the Directions for Use (DFU) for the EndlessFiber® and Recommended Supplies for indications for use, precautions, warnings, technical specifications, and recommendations.